World Cat offers the most versatility of any boat on the water. Greater stability, greater capacity and greater efficiency than most monohulls.
self-bailing cockpit

  • The softest high-speed ride on the water. World Cats’ high-speed catamaran hulls combine the cat ride and “get there” speed.

  • More stability at rest. Catamaran buoyancy is on the outer edges of the boat rather than in the middle, providing superior stability. (Monohulls pivot on the centerline.) Less roll when drifting or trolling. World Cat hulls travel with the wave shapes because the buoyancy is to the outside, resisting the snap roll pendulum motion of deep vee monohulls. A World Cat’s wider footprint negates the effects of rolling seas.

  • Shallow draft for travelling in “skinny” waters. The weight of the boat is distributed to two hulls for a shallower draft. The shallow draft of the World Cat design provides access to areas that conventional hulls cannot reach. With a World Cat you can enjoy the beach and not have to wade in the water to get there.

self-bailing cockpit

  • Greater load bearing capability. Loaded with 26 people, the self-bailing system on a World Cat still functions as designed. Just another feature that makes our boats World Class.
  • More usable deck space. The relatively rectangular design of the World Cat’s expanded deck area allows for more usable deck space than monohulls. World Cat’s are wider in the bows providing more open area in open models and bigger berths in cabins. Lounge in the front of a World Cat dual console and then jump into a similar-sized monohull. Pretty amazing! While your in the dual console you should also compare the size of the head / changing area.

boat deck space

  • Single engine get home capability. Our catamaran hulls don’t need planing speed power to travel rapidly on a single engine.

self-bailing cockpit

  • Minimum bow rise for greater visibility. A World Cat’s deck is parallel to the water at all speeds allowing you to maintain your line of sight and giving you greater fuel efficiency./li>
  • Docking and maneuverability of a cat. No more worrying about docking in tight quarters in a World Cat. With the extra separation between the motors (over any mono hull) you can cross-clutch the motors and turn in its own length. Your mate can relax now when your in a World Cat and not have to worry about docking.
  • No wake at higher speed to fly through restricted zones. Cat hulls don’t produce big wakes at higher speeds like monohulls so they can travel faster in no wake zones.
  • Maintains a plane at lower speed for fuel efficiency. Our catamaran hull will not fall off plane at lower planing speeds in rough seas.
  • Fish one side of a World Cat without the extreme listing of a monohull.