Demo for shirts, hats, and the ride of your life!

That’s right! It’s CatOberfest time at your World Cat dealership. So, get a demo ride on the World Cat that will show you what all the cat talk is all about. Plus, if you ride between now and November 17th, you’ll get hats and t-shirts for you and your crew. So, bring the whole gang.

But best of all, you’ll get the best prices of the year on the World Cat of your choice during CatOberfest.

To register for your sea trial, just call your dealer and tell him you want the CatOberfest sea trial package. Or, fill out the form below to sign up and we’ll be ready with hats for your crew.

There’s never been a better time to sea trial a World Cat. It’s CatOberfest, so join the fun.










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Where do you boat:

People in party and shirt sizes:

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