Come see the NEW 320DC dual console! To see the new 320DC visit World Cat at the Fort Lauderdale Convention Center during the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show from October 30 – November 3, 2014.

PRESS RELEASE: September, 2014: The new 320DC World Cat dual console catamaran has amenities for just about everyone and every adventure.

Get a first peak at the all-new 295CC center console at Miami!
With a new hull design, new cushions and fabrics and a standard white powder-coated top and frame system, the all-new 295DC is set to debut at the Miami International Boat Show on February 13-17th. It’s a great new look for the center console that shares a hull design with the 295DC dual console introduced this fall.

We have to hand it to our intrepid hull-test crew who recently took the new 295CC for extensive testing off our North Carolina coast. Unfortunately for them, the “polar vortex” pulled our normally mild temperatures into the teens with winds 20-30 mph. But, over two days of extensive testing in stacked seas to 6 feet, the new 295CC passed with flying colors.

“The new 295CC exceeded our expectations,” said Greg McLogan, VP of Engineering. “It is very quick to plane with little bow rise, planes easily at 2500 rpms and gives single-engine ‘get home’ speeds in the 30 mph range. Plus, it is easy to run and very predictable in the six footers we encountered. The new 295CC is going to make a lot of owners very happy” he added.
To see the new 295CC, come by the World Cat booth at I12 at the Miami Beach Convention Center. Sea trials on that hull, with a 295CC can be arranged at the show.

Miami Beach International Boat Show
February 13-17. 2014
Miami Beach Convention Center – Booth I12

The new 295DC video shows rough water performance compared to monohulls.
If you are a World Cat owner, you know the difference between catamaran rough water performance and that of a monohull. You’ve watched monohulls beside your World Cat taking a beating in seas that aren’t even challenging to your cat. But, capturing that difference on video has always been difficult. First, video in rough seas needs to be shot from a helicopter so that the cameraman isn’t being bounced around – making the video jumpy. However, from a helicopter, you are looking down at the seas – rather than right into them at sea level. So, unless there is lots of white water, rough seas and calm seas seem pretty much the same from the chopper. But, how do you know when it is going to be rough? And how do you schedule the boats and the chopper to come on that day?

Todd Ebelein, owner of Unique Marine in the Florida Keys and the folks at Bonnier Corporation – publishers of Salt Water Sportsman and Sport Fishing – helped us solve our problem! Todd offered his new 295DC to be available whenever the weather was rough and the people at Bonnier schedule a helicopter to be on call. Todd even came up with a mid-sized monohull to ride alongside the 295DC to show the difference in ride. After all, it always looks like it is calm and smooth when the World Cat is running through big seas. We needed a relative point to show the differences.
After a couple of schedules and reschedules, in late November a front moved through the Keys kicking up 20 knot winds and three to five foot seas. It was game on! The great people at Unique got the boats and models in the water, the chopper took off from Miami and they all rendezvoused off Islamorada for the shoot. The seas were big, the shots were great and you can see the results. Look for the video at all the boat shows this year!

New World Cat Advertising Campaign – “bring it on!”
You know the feeling when monohull owners are moaning about weather conditions and trying to decide whether they dare go out the next day? In your World Cat, you’re ready to run when the rest are just sticking their noses out the inlet. That’s the theme of the new World Cat advertising campaign featuring the new 295DC dual console. When is gets a little rough, as a World Cat owner, you’re saying, “Bring it on!” “We’re not missing a day on the water!”
Look for our advertising this spring in Sport Fishing Magazine, Florida Sportsman Magazine and both the New England and New York/New Jersey editions of On The Water Magazine. And remember: don’t to make fun of your monohull friends when they miss a day on the water that you and your family get to enjoy. When the going gets a little bumpy, you and your World Cat will be the first to the fishing grounds, the dive reef or the best anchorage. When it is a little rough, it’s advantage World Cat. Bring it on!

PRESS RELEASE: January, 2014: The new 295DC World Cat dual console catamaran combines an all-new hull design with both family and fishing features review of the new World Cat 295DC in the January, 2014 issue

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